A Woman in the Wine Industry elevating Other Women in Wine

Ute is a born and raised German. Her love of wine led her to start working in tasting rooms and then to a wine certification class in Portland, Oregon.

Ute’s dream has always been to host a podcast and be able to record episodes from all over the world, now that she is an empty-nester with lots of free time on her hands.

She started the Thru The Grapewine podcast in July of 2022 with the vision to make wine accessible to women who love wine and want to learn about inspirational women in the wine industry, and the podcast has found listeners among professionals and wine newbies alike.

I grew up in a wine region in Southern Germany and I was always surrounded by wine. But my appreciation for it didn’t grow beyond a casual glass here and there until I was in my late 30s, and I only started working in the wine industry in my 40s.

I love the Willamette Valley and its rich wine culture, but I also noticed that women are still under-represented. This is why I started getting wine certifications, and it is also why I founded Thru The Grapewine.

Sharing wine knowledge and featuring women in the industry has become my passion and joy and will be for many years!