It’s a see you soon, not a goodbye

To our dearest supporters —

We want to start out by saying how much we appreciate you! Your support has been what keeps us going. Getting to bring you weekly content has been so much fun for us.

That being said, some changes are coming. Yesterday we released an interview with Alison Scofield of Alloro here in the Willamette Valley. This will be our last new episode for a bit. Moving forward Thru the Grapewine will be taking a short break, a spring hiatus.

Life gets in the way sometimes, and life gets really heavy sometimes. Due to personal reasons, we feel the need to step back and reassess. We don’t ever want our episodes to be less than the stellar recordings you deserve, and right now there are things preventing us from bringing our whole selves to the mic each and every time.

It hurts to make this announcement, but as mentioned above: it’s just a “see you soon!” And not a “goodbye”. We have every hope and intention of returning after this short break and we truly hope you stay with us. We believe in boundary setting, making the right and healthy personal choices, and in advocating for mental health and well-being. And sometimes that means doing hard things (like stepping back for a time) in order to give ourselves space and grace to heal and grow.

We cannot stress enough how much your support means to us and please know we carry that support with us. We look forward to returning shortly with new interviews.

We hope you continue to engage with each other on our Facebook page, read through our backlog of blog posts, re-listen to our back-catalog of podcast episodes, and say hi when you see us on Instagram.

We thank you for sticking with us through this rough patch and we miss you all already!

We’ll see you soon!
Prost! Cheers!
Ute & Ali

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