Podcast – A Millennial (without a Gen Xer)…gives a few updates

Listen to this 3 minute clip for an update on when Patreon is going to launch and why we don’t have a longer episode for you this week! Cheers!

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Full episode transcript:
Ali: Hello, and welcome to the Thru The Grapewine podcast. I am your host, Ali Simpson.

So ya know how you have all these big plans, and you’re trucking along with your schedule making sure everything is in place and ready to go and then…speedbump! (or if you have driven through Newberg anytime in the last year that speedbump is any pothole along the entirety of River Road…if you know, you know!) Well, that’s where Ute and I are this week! We believe in being transparent and honest with y’all, so here’s some back story…a little glimpse behind the scenes if you will…

The guest we had lined up for this week is so fun! She’s blazing her path through the industry and we are really excited to share her story with y’all! However, we ran into some audio difficulties in our recording and we did not feel right releasing her interview without it sounding the best it possibly could. So we are getting a re-record scheduled and hope to bring that conversation to y’all very soon! It’ll be worth it to hear her story without any distracting background noise, I promise.

Unfortunately, that means no interview episode this week. But we didn’t want to leave your podcast app blank! So I thought I’d pop on quick and remind you about an exciting update coming down the line! 

Our Patreon is launching on Saturday! THIS Saturday, April 15, 2023! Stay tuned to our Instagram over the next few days where we will share a countdown and then ultimately be sharing the link to our live Patreon page! As we mentioned last week, we plan to start out small: a fun welcome gift and monthly exclusive video episodes of A Gen Xer and a Millennial! But we have dreams and visions of expanding out beyond that. By joining our Patreon, you are helping us offset the costs that come with hosting a podcast and developing content. And your Patreon support means we will be able to continue expanding our offerings for you, our listeners. 

Whether you join us over on Patreon or not, your continued support via downloading/listening to/rating/reviewing our episodes, sharing us with friends and family, and sending in your topic requests truly means the world to us! We absolutely love being on this adventure with y’all! So thank you! 

I highly encourage you to go into our back catalog and listen/re-listen to some of our previous episodes to tide you over until next week’s interview! We currently have 25 episodes you could binge! Send us your requests for interviewees – we’ve had a few come in already and are excited to be lining up those conversations for future episodes! Head over to our Instagram for all the latest hype as we count down to our Patreon launch! And say hi while you’re there! We love getting messages and comments from y’all!

Okay! I’ll stop blabbing at y’all now! So, with that, all I have left to say is…Cheers!

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