Podcast – Interview with Amy Niessner

Tune into this interview with Amy & Reba and find out who is behind the name and just how much fun you might have going on a wine tour with this great tour company. Amy & and Reba also shared some of their favorite wineries in the Willamette Valley. See links below!

Parrett Mountain Cellars
Meraviglioso Winery
Solena Estate
Fairsing Vineyard
Abbey Road Farm
Potter’s Vineyard
Bellinger Estates

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Full episode transcript:
Ute: Welcome back to the Thru the Grapewine Podcast with your host, Ute Mitchell. It’s so great to have you back yet again for another great interview. This time with Amy from Amy and Reba Wine Tours. Please check the show notes for their contact information. And if you live in the Willamette Valley, I really think you ought to book a tour with Amy and Reba.

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All right. Well, thank you so much, Amy, for being here. I really appreciate it. 

Amy Niessner: Well, thank you so much for having us. We’re super excited to be a part of your podcast. 

Ute: I’m so excited, especially after reading that article that you shared with me . So, but I’m gonna not jump ahead. I’m gonna just go the way I’m supposed to be by asking you to introduce yourself to us, you know, who are you, are you an Oregonian?

And before we go into our current job, or into your current job or business, what did you do before? 

Amy Niessner: Yes. Well, I am an Oregonian now, but not always. I was born in Buffalo, New York, lived there till I was around 11, and then my family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and lived there for 26 years. Then moved to the Bay Area on the peninsula. And then we moved to Oregon 11 years ago. 

Ute: All right.

Amy Niessner: So kind of been moving around a lot. And before I started our company, I was a teacher. I have an education background and I taught first grade in Arizona for 13 years. And then when we moved to the Bay Area, I left teaching for a while and got into sales and marketing.

Ute: Nice. So when, when did you live in Arizona? 

Amy Niessner: From 1980 until like 2006. 

Ute: So we lived in Arizona at the same time. 

Amy Niessner: Wow. Whereabouts were you?

Ute: In North Phoenix. So 40th and Greenway. So near Desert Ridge.

Amy Niessner: Yes, exactly. I went to Saguaro High School and NAU, Northern Arizona University. And then we lived, once I was married, we lived out by Desert Ridge, actually in [inaudible].

Ute: So there you go.

Amy Niessner: Yes. Wow. Took Oregon for our paths to meet. 

Ute: Yes. Isn’t that great? 

Amy Niessner: I love it. I love it. 

Ute: So your second career is of course a wine tasting tour company, and I would very much like for you to tell us all about. 

Amy Niessner: Yes, I’d love to share. So, I started Amy and Reba’s Day Drinking Wine Tours in January of 2019.

And it sort of started, I was once again looking for a job. I was, the last job I’d had before I started was the director of a preschool. And they were losing their lease. And so once again, I was like, okay, I need to start thinking about what I wanna do. and I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit in that I’ve always tried to make whatever company I worked for, more money, new ideas and things.

And so it happened at 2:00 AM in the morning. I had this idea come to me and I wrote my entire business plan in the notes section of my cell phone, and I decided that I was going to buy the van that I used to pick up the after school kids in from the preschool and turn it into a wine tour company. 

Ute: See, I just love that! 

Amy Niessner: And I came up with the name and everything that night and put it on my phone, and next day I used to come up with lots of different ideas and I would, you know, feed ’em off people and people would be like, “yeah, no, that’s, that’s not a good idea.”

So when I woke up in the morning and I’m like, “did that really happen? Am I really gonna like voice this? And you know, see what people think?” I did and they’re like, “oh my gosh, you hit it. You finally came up with your perfect job.” 

Ute: And even, even your best friend, I believe that you talked to about it, she has shot something down before and you told her about this, and she’s like, “yeah!”

Amy Niessner: Uh huh. Exactly. Exactly. Because one time I thought, oh, when we lived in the Bay Area, I’m like, “maybe I’ll start a preschool out of the house.” And she’s like, “that’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard!” So I know I can count on my friends to be honest with me. And it just felt right. And so I started Amy and Reba’s Day Drinking Wine Tours and basically we started with one 12 passenger van and now we have a fleet because we have two! I can officially call it a fleet. We have two 12 passenger vans. And we’ll we can take up to 10 people per van. We pick you up at the location of your choosing, and we start every tour with a mimosa toast. And we make all of your reservations for you. We walk you in, introduce you to the tasting room staff, show you where all the essential, you know, places of the tasting room are. We take photos throughout and airdrop them in the end of your tour. We provide bottled water and we typically, a typical tour includes three wineries. And we usually try to have the second winery, a place that sells food or allows you to bring in outside food.

Ute: Oh, I like that a lot. 

Amy Niessner: Cause by the second, the second stop, you’re, you’re gonna need something to eat. 

Ute: I agree. And, and really that’s just such good planning and we’re gonna get back to that in just a moment. But I, I still want to go back just a little bit to your name. So I have to tell our listeners about this because I’ve met you years ago and this was in Tigard. And I wanna say it was like at one of the wine walks or something, and I had a conversation with you and you told me about Amy and Reba, and I always assumed that there was an Amy and a Reba, but there’s not! So…

So tell me! 

Amy Niessner: Well, there… 

Ute: Tell me your story. 

Amy Niessner: Yeah. Well there…there kind of is, they’re just not together at the same time. 

Ute: Right! Fair enough! 

Amy Niessner: So, keeping in mind, I am a Gemini, and so Amy is the responsible mother of three sons. And she makes all the reservations and takes care of the majority of all the driving and the front end of the house, you know, work-wise and Reba is the creative, fun side. Everybody loves Reba. Although she’s not very reliable. I can’t have her drive cuz she drinks too much. And people will ask me, well, why do you keep her around? She doesn’t sound like a very good business partner. And I say that’s because I have to keep her around because they’re both me. 

Reba is my alter ego that started when I was in college and my friends and I would go to the bar and we would have made up names, and I was obsessed with Reba McEntire at the time, so my name was Reba and she just stuck and she’s been with me ever since. And yeah. Amy doesn’t do anything without Reba. 

Ute: I love that so very much. Honestly, I mean, literally here I was, you know, going, “okay, so I’ve talked to Amy. Where’s Reba?” 

Amy Niessner: It’s funny, a lot of people will say that. And then initially I wasn’t telling people about it because I didn’t want them to think I was crazy. And then later I thought, you know what? I don’t care. I love this job so much. I have so much fun. The people I’m with are amazing. I’m gonna start sharing it and I’m glad I did. Cause it’s just, yeah, it’s just fun to just be open about my personality. And, and you know, brings the fun out. 

Ute: Dude we love crazy around here! 

Amy Niessner: Great

Ute: So this works for me. So you did say you pick up people at a place of their choosing. Does that include people’s homes? 

Amy Niessner: Yes. Yes. We’ll pick up at people’s homes. Usually the person organizing the tour, it’s usually their house. But we’ll pick up basically anywhere. We’ll pick up at restaurants, at bars sometimes if people know that they’re gonna end up at a certain place and have dinner, they’ll have people drop them off there or Uber there, and I’ll pick them up there. 

Ute: I love that. 

Amy Niessner: Wherever that is. And then we drop off at the same place we pick up. 

Ute: Right. So you said you do three, three wineries. The second one is one that has food. How do you choose this? So do you choose them? Do your guests choose them? Is there some cooperation between you and your guests or something? 

Amy Niessner: Yes. It’s sort of a combination. If people live locally and they have specific wineries they wanna visit, we absolutely make reservations and take them there.

If people are from out of town or even live locally and they, they’re not sure, they’re not as familiar with the Willamette Valley, then we choose some of our favorites. We like to listen to what the guest is looking for and what kind of event it is. I will be taking a bachelorette party to different wineries then I may be taking a group of couples or a group of women in their fifties. 

Ute: Yeah. 

Amy Niessner: Just kind of, I have to really, I like to really know the demographic of the group we’re having. If it’s a, if there’s a celebration, find out what they’re looking for, what they like. Are they looking for wineries with beautiful views and to be able to sit outside?

Are they looking for really high quality wines? Do they want combinations of whites and reds? Are they sparkling/champagne friend, you know, friendly. Things like that. So I like to try to get as much information from the guests as as I can to help in the planning process. 

Ute: Gotcha. 

Amy Niessner: Cause there’s over 800 wineries in the Willamette Valley. Which I’m sure you know. And so I have been doing my research and development as any good wine tour connoisseur should do. And I’ve been to about 140 wineries and tasted, and I love about 35 or 40 of them. 

Ute: That is so great. What a great resource you are. 

Amy Niessner: Yeah, so I do, I choose the wineries I go to on three criteria.

I call it my trifecta, and if they have a good view, if their wine is good, and most important is their hospitality staff. I’ve been treated like Pretty Women in a dress shop more times than not going in just to sort of get a feel for the winery and have left thinking I will never come back here. So I look at it as if my guests have three places to go, they better all be good.

Ute: Yes. Yes, absolutely. So, and how long would you say a tour usually takes? 

Amy Niessner: Typically about six hours. If we do three wineries, we can get it all done in six hours depending on where the pickup location. Yeah. If I’m picking you up in Newberg, Dundee area, I mean definitely,if I’m picking you up downtown Portland or Estacada, or you know, Wilsonville depending it might take a little bit longer you know. And depending on, you know, some groups they’ll take eight hours cuz they just, you know, wanna spend a little bit more time or, you know, throw something in. Sometimes we even at the end of a tour will stop by Lumpy’s in Dundee for one last little hurrah, just for fun.

But that’s, but that’s just,I mean completely, you know, dependent on whether or not the guests would like to do that. 

Ute: Right. So you basically do one tour per day. And, and do you do that… I mean, how many days a week do you do that? 

Amy Niessner: Well, we’re open or available seven days a week. Depending on the season and now that we have the two vans, we could do two tours a day. And sometimes if we even have more than that, we can rent, rent a van. I’ve got several people that work with me that help with the tours. And so I hate turning people away. So I try to do whatever we can to accommodate, but our busiest times, you know, are usually Thursday through Sunday.

Ute: Sure. Yeah, that makes sense. 

Amy Niessner: And then depending if people are visiting from out of town, they might be in during the week. And so then we can, you know, during the week is great because the wineries aren’t as busy. 

Ute: Right. So how far out are the wineries usually? Because I mean, you know, you’re, you’re gonna have to at some point set a boundary right? This far and no further to manage to keep this within that six to eight hour timeframe. 

Amy Niessner: Right? So depending, like, say for example, if we go to Hood River, then the three wineries, you know, if I were picking people up in Hood River, I would drive there and then we would pick three wineries in that area to keep it. And then typically we just try to keep wineries that are relatively, you know, close to each other, you know more, no more than like 20 minutes away from each other, just so we can keep within that timeframe. And usually each tasting is 90 minutes. 

Ute: Gotcha. Yeah. 

Amy Niessner: And so, you know allow for travel time and things like that.

Ute: Right. So I did a wine tour a few years ago for one of my friend’s birthdays, and I don’t remember what the tour company was, but so this guy, he was very, very knowledgeable. And so while we were driving and even at the wineries, every now and then he would give us, you know, pieces of information. Do you do any of that or do you just kinda let the party happen?

Amy Niessner: Yes, both. I kind of let it all unfold organically as far as what the group is. You know, if it’s, it could be a corporate event where people don’t really know each other, so you know, there’s that uncomfortable silence in the beginning when people are just getting together. So I’ll always try to start the conversation and talk about the Willamette Valley and you know, the different AVAs and try to share some information, but I kind of feel the group out to see what they’re looking for. If they just wanna visit amongst themselves, that’s fine. I always have playlists and Apple Music so we can have immediate gratification for whatever we wanna listen to.

And usually by the second winery is when the singing starts. And by the end, we’re all just singing our hearts out. And that’s, that’s included too. My singing is also included in the package. 

Ute: I love it. 

Amy Niessner: And that’s some of my best days is just, you know, having just unabandoned fun. 

Ute: I need to literally do that. I have plenty of wine drinking friends. I need to get in touch with you! 

Amy Niessner: Oh you do! We would have a blast. 

Ute: Oh my gosh. This is gonna be so much fun. You know what? You know, no offense to other age groups, but Gen Xers are pretty freaking awesome when it comes to singing along to music. Play the white music, and we are there for it!

Amy Niessner: Exactly. And one of my useless talents is memorizing lyrics to songs I haven’t heard in 20 to 30 years. 

Ute: You know, I actually was just, thinking that the other day I was sitting in the car and I’m listening to, you know, like a Boy George song and I’m singing the lyrics along with it and I’m thinking to myself, “how do I remember all of these words? I haven’t heard that song and ages!” 

Amy Niessner: Exactly!

Ute: But here it is! That old, old information that just gets stored in your brain.

Amy Niessner: Yeah. And leaves no room for new things. 

Ute: Yeah, exactly! Can’t freaking remember my phone number. But here’s the lyrics from 35 years ago. 

Amy Niessner: Exactly. Verbatim. I know. 

Ute: Oh my gosh. 

Amy Niessner: That’s one of my that’s one of the funnest parts of doing this, being in this business is the things that I didn’t even anticipate when I started that, how, how much fun I was gonna have with the guests.

And, you know, meeting complete strangers and turning into friends by the end of the, you know, the trip. And it’s just so gratifying and fulfilling and just fun. 

Ute: Yeah. This is something I will also say, you know, I mean, working from home is, can be pretty isolating. But doing the podcast has been so much fun because literally oftentimes I will speak to someone that I’ve never had a conversation with before and by the end of the conversation we’re like, let’s get together. Let’s drink some wine! Let’s get some food! 

Amy Niessner: Uhhuh, it’s, it’s just right. And people will often ask me, you know, “Amy, isn’t it hard not to, you know, drink wine while you’re on your tour?” And you would think it would be because I love wine! Reba loves wine! But it’s so fulfilling to bring people to places they’ve never been and just be in awe and so happy. It, it feels like Christmas morning to me every time. 

Ute: I love that. 

Amy Niessner: I love, one of my favorite things is bringing people to places they’ve never been and just feeling their love for being taken there and the, the experience they’ve received. 

Ute: And I really do think it also, part of it is who your driver is. You know, I, I know that I, I mean, this is long ago that I was on a tour and the driver was just kinda like, “meh, I’m gonna just drive you places” and that’s okay. I mean, I was with friends, so it didn’t really matter to me one way or another. But it is double fun when the driver is in some way engaged and you know, fun to be around and you know, you bring out the music… man, it’s already it’s a win!

Amy Niessner: Right. Well, and I, you know, I feel the exact same way as far as you know, the, there’s two different types of wine tours. There’s transportation companies that will drive you to and from, and that’s what they do.

And then there’s more wine tour companies that really have done their due diligence and, you know, research and gone out and built relationships with, with different wineries that really have a love and appreciation that it enables you to share that with your guests. And sort of pumps them up and gets them excited in anticipation of where they’re going.

And I think that really helps, you know, with their experience for the day. And, you know, and, and being respectful to the wineries as far as not, you know, not showing up late or not trying to bring a group in that’s, you know, had too much to drink already and making sure everyone’s 21. You know, just really being responsible. 

Ute: And, and I was definitely on the other side of that, you know, working in a winery and having just a group that was completely out of control. And that makes it very, very unpleasant for everyone involved. 

Amy Niessner: Right. Just having a mutual respect for each other, you know? And I’ve just made so many great friends in the wine industry that I cherish.

Ute: Yeah, I totally get that. 

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Ute: So can you make a recommendation of a few of your top favorite wineries in the region? I would love to know! 

Amy Niessner: Ooh! Oh, geez. Yes. I would say I love Parrett Mountain Cellars is one of my favorites. It’s just a mile off of 99 off of Haugen. You drive a mile and you feel like you’re at summer camp. You’re in the forest in a beautiful tasting room with a beautiful view and great bold reds, and they have a huge variety of wines. And then I also love Meraviglioso. That’s in Newberg. They have a huge variety of sparkling, whites and reds as well. And it’s super fun atmosphere. They have live music on Sundays and just make you feel like you’re family.

I also love Solena. I think they’ve got great wines and beautiful view. One of my other favorites is Fairsing Vineyard. It’s up at the top of the, of a mountain and you overlook the entire Willamette Valley and they have really nice, high quality wines and beautiful view and great tasting room staff.

Abbey Road Farm is another fun place to go with groups. They’ve got a huge selection of wines and they also have all the different farm animals that people can walk around and visit, along with just a huge, large outdoor space and indoor space they just built onto their tasting room. So that’s been beautiful.

Where else? Potter’s Vineyard is another one of my favorites. They have Bill and Sandy, winemakers. And just really good high quality wines. And Bellinger is another one that I really like. They have one of my favorite petite syrahs. 

Ute: Oh, nice! 

Amy Niessner: And, yeah, I mean, I could go on and on and on. How long do we wanna spend? 

Ute: I actually went to Potter’s and I wanna say it was, it was in 21 and you know, so it was, people were open but nervous and they, you know, were really looking for people to make reservations and not just walk in at the time. And I don’t know if it’s changed by now or not, but you know, so I made my reservation and we, we parked our car and we walked in and we got the nicest, warmest, hello.

They said, “we really appreciate you making a reservation. This is really helping us.” And then Bill just showed us around and he showed us the vineyards and, you know, I was doing one of my certifications, I did the WSET2 at the time. And so he’s showing me, you know, the vineyards and the vines and how they’re pruned and what he’s doing.

You know, it was summer and, and it was, it was so much fun. And then he told us all about the wines and all of them were amazing. And then there was the wine that he, he said, “and from this wine, a portion goes to charity.” And it was just like, you know, one piece after another that made me go, “oh my God, I love you!”

Amy Niessner: Right. And it’s consistently that way every time I bring a group there. Yeah. And Bill will stand once we get everyone in the van, and he’ll stand and wave goodbye to us as we drive away. Yeah, it’s, it’s amazing. 

Ute: Aww! I love that. So, I have to ask you actually, and this is not a question I had planned, but I do this in every interview.

Have you traveled to wine regions outside of Oregon and California? 

Amy Niessner: Well, yes. I’ve been to the Finger Lakes in, New York, up by Niagara Falls. And they tend to specialize in sweeter moscato wines. California, Napa, Sonoma regions. Those were probably, that’s the area where I grew my love for wines when I was younger. My favorite wine is a red Zinfandel from Lodi, California. And so I, because I started with California region wines, I tend to like a buttery chardonnay and a bold red. 

Ute: All right. 

Amy Niessner: So, but other than that, I’ve learned that there are wineries in just about every state. Just from people traveling. You know, there’s wineries in Alabama and Texas and Michigan and Minnesota and you know, just regions you would never even think of. 

Ute: Right. 

Amy Niessner: But I tend to stick with Oregon and California. 

Ute: Sure. Yeah. 

Amy Niessner: And Washington. 

Ute: Oh, Washington. Gotcha. Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. I’m ready actually, hopefully in the spring to go to the Walla Walla region and do a little bit of wine tasting up there.

Amy Niessner: I, that’s on my list to do this year as well. I have not made it to Walla Walla 

Ute: Exactly, and I haven’t been there yet. 

Amy Niessner: I’ve heard nothing but amazing. Things about everyone that I’ve talked to just can’t say enough about it, so. 

Ute: Right. And a lot of wineries in the region will purchase their grapes for bolder wines from the Walla Walla region. So we know their wines are good! 

Amy Niessner: Exactly. They’re right. They’re right up my alley. 

Ute: Yeah, they’re wonderful. So, you know, we’re, we’re basically already at the end. Sometimes it just kind of flows, isn’t it? But I do have one more question for you, and I kind of sorta, you answered my question earlier already, but let’s see! So Ali and I, we, we go together really well. So Ali, I don’t know if you know, but, so she’s a millennial, I’m a Gen Xer. She brings, you know, some fresh air into this whole thing, and I really appreciate that. Every other episode that we record, we call a Mil, a Gen Xer and a Millennial Walk Into a Winery.

And so we always discuss a different wine and taste the wine. And we are also always will feature a woman in the wine industry, could be present or past. And Ali is my sparkling wine girl. She’s all about the sparkling wine and I am all about the reds. And so we have a little bit of competition going on.

And our little competition is building teams of red. Building teams of sparkling wine. So what team are you on? 

Amy Niessner: Oh geez! Could I choose both? 

Ute: Nice. 

Amy Niessner: Could Amy choose one and Reba choose one? Cause I love them both. But I would have to say if I walked in and there were two glasses, I’d probably go for the bubbles.

Ute: All right. Team sparkling. Did you hear that, Ali? 

Amy Niessner: Team Sparkling. 

Ute: Ali is wonderful. She’s doing the transcribing for our episodes, and I love her dearly for it because that is just the bane of my existence. And she’s like, “yeah, I like it.” I’m like… 

Amy Niessner: Oh, isn’t that the best? Oh, that’s fantastic. 

Ute: So therefore, you know, I can handle another person being for Team Bubbles. I’m, I’m okay with that situation!

Amy Niessner: But I never passed down a, a good glass of red either, so. 

Ute: Right. Yeah, yeah. You know, and I’ve said this in previous episodes, Ali really has made me more or less, you know, branch out a little bit more. I, I definitely am a, you know, comfort person. It’s like, I’m gonna go somewhere.

I’m gonna drink my wine. What am I gonna drink? Oh, I know what’s good, so I’m gonna go for the red. You know, rather than to go, “okay, well let’s see what else is out there. How about a sparkling?” And, last week I actually went to Hawks View with two of my friends and I used to work there and they now make a Blanc de Noirs and I really quite enjoy it, but I would never, you know, buy a bottle.

And so last Friday we went there and you know, the girls are asking, “so what do we do? What do we do?” And I said, “why don’t we order a bottle of Blanc de Noirs?” And my friend Holly, she’s looking at me and she goes, “Are you for real?”

Amy Niessner: Is this a celebration day? 

Ute: It’s like this is great. Let’s do it. And so we had the bottle of Blanc de Noirs and it was great. I mean, you know, I just…

Amy Niessner: See?? See what happens when you expand once in a while? 

Ute: Yes, yes. 

Amy Niessner: The creature comforts are always comforting, but it’s nice to push the edge a little, and nothing quite says celebration like the pop of a sparkling bottle.

Ute: That is also true, although you will know that a sommelier will always open the bottle in an effort not to make it pop. 

Amy Niessner: Yes, but that’s no fun. 

Ute: Well, you know, actually I have one little story here left that I, I just gotta share because I feel like people are gonna appreciate this. So, back in the day when I worked at Hawks View, this was, you know, 2018, my first year serving wine and we sold a sparkling rose and it was really, really lovely.

And so I am, you know, standing behind the counter. I’m opening a bottle of sparkling rose and I didn’t know really how to do it, and so rather than to hold on to the cap and twist the bottle, I was just like, you know, oh, wire cage coming off and I’m twisting the cork. And the cork just flies to the ceiling and it bounces off there. And literally, I kid you not down onto the head of a customer. And I am mortified just kinda looking over there going, oh, oh my God. And she turns around and just bursts into laughter. 

Amy Niessner: Oh, thank goodness! 

Ute: And I, you know, obviously gave her a glass of sparkling wine for free because I had just attacked her with a cork. But it, it was so funny and it is still like one of my favorite memories!

Amy Niessner: Oh, no kidding. Yes. That’s, yeah. And no one got hurt! 

Ute: No one got hurt. And I’m very glad, I mean, I was smart enough to not hold the bottle in anybody’s direction, but facing up so, You know. 

Amy Niessner: That’s right. Little excitement. 

Ute: Yeah, yeah. So I’ve learned in the meantime how to open a sparkling wine properly. I can’t do it quite without the pop yet, but I’m okay with that.

Amy Niessner: Yeah. I like, well, every, before every tour we, we do a little pop and do our little, “Woohoo.” 

Ute: There you go. Yeah. I mean, that kinda builds excitement, doesn’t it? Having the pop? 

Amy Niessner: Right! Yes, it absolutely does. 

Ute: I agree. 

So Amy, I am going to of course put your information into the show notes. I do have your website. Is there any other way that you would like people to connect with you, you know, on social media or something? Or is the website the one thing. 

Amy Niessner: The website is a great resource and way to, to reach out to us. Also, we are on Instagram. We’re @toursbyamyandreba. And on Facebook we are the name of our company, Amy and Reba’s Day Drinking Wine Tours. 

Ute: Excellent. I’m gonna put all of that into the show notes, so all you need to do is click and follow, connect, send emails, schedule your tours. I know I will. I’m really excited for it!

Amy Niessner: I can’t wait. Yes. 

Ute: And yeah, so thank you so, so much for making the time to chat with me today. I’m very excited to put this out there in, in the few weeks. 

Amy Niessner: Well, we appreciate it so much. I’m just really with what you’re doing and we can’t, you know, we’re thrilled that we were included in your podcast. So… 

Ute: Thank you. Well, my dear listeners, that is it for today. Again, hop into the show notes for everything you need. And all I have left to say at this point is of course, Prost!

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