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Women in the wine industry are still a minority but they are a force to be reckoned with! The Thru the Grapewine podcast shines a light on the incredible work women do in this industry. Each episode features and celebrates a woman in the wine industry and challenges the status quo. Listen in, learn, and share the message!

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From Psychologist to Wine Specialist: An Interview with Nia Ruth from Few And Far Thru The Grapewine

Put on your traveling shoes and pour yourself a glass as we journey with Nia Ruth, a psychologist turned wine specialist. Nia shares her fascinating transition from a global traveler exploring vineyards to a professional wine specialist. She paints a vivid picture of her adventures in various wine regions and shares how the wine culture in California shaped her business ventures – a digital wine shop, a wine club, and a platform for hosting events. Nia's career in wine didn't stop at her business ventures; she also dipped her toes into collaborations, events, and wine writing. She shares the great story of her successful collaboration with local small business owners to birth the Coachella Valley Women's Collective, a networking group for female entrepreneurs. Nia also recounts her experiences as a wine columnist for San Diego Magazine, weaving her passion for wine into words that delight and educate readers. Ever wondered about the diversity in the wine industry? Nia takes us through her personal experiences as a black woman in the industry, addressing the steep costs of entering and the glaring lack of representation. She passionately speaks on the need for education on labels produced by people of color and the importance of supporting minority-owned businesses. Listen as Nia inspires and motivates, reminding us that passion, indeed, can lead to purpose.Few and Far Wine ClubRacial Inclusivity Part 1Racial Inclusivity Part 2Newsweek Black Owned WineriesWine Enthusiast Black Owned Wine LabelsCheck out the shop for handstamped jewelry HEREEmail: info@thruthegrapewine.com Have a request for a topic or want to be a guest? Fill out this form!Find us on Instagram!
  1. From Psychologist to Wine Specialist: An Interview with Nia Ruth from Few And Far
  2. Breaking Boundaries with Flywines: Stephanie Franklin's Passionate Leap from Tech to Wine
  3. Championing Change: Maryam Ahmed's Revolutionary Approach and Impact in the Wine Industry
  4. Savoring the Success Story of Damsel Cellars with winemaker Mari Womack
  5. A Wine Buyer's Journey Through the Wine Industry. Interview with Maggie Craig

“Go to the places where you don’t belong. Because someday you will.”

-Andrea McBride (McBride Sisters)

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