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Women in the wine industry are still a minority but they are a force to be reckoned with! The Thru the Grapewine podcast shines a light on the incredible work women do in this industry. Each episode features and celebrates a woman in the wine industry and challenges the status quo. Listen in, learn, and share the message!

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Insights from the Podcasting World, Harvest, and German Traditions Thru The Grapewine

Ever thought about starting your own podcast but unsure where to begin? Join me, your host, as I journey down memory lane, reflecting on the lessons and experiences of being a podcast host. The episode is filled with words of gratitude for my incredible guests and nuggets of wisdom from my personal journey in my podcasting adventure. I also talk about the captivating Harvest season in the Willamette Valley and share a little bit of German wine traditions like the yearly selected wine queen.Check out the shop for handstamped jewelry HEREEmail: info@thruthegrapewine.com Have a request for a topic or want to be a guest? Fill out this form!Find us on Instagram!
  1. Insights from the Podcasting World, Harvest, and German Traditions
  2. From Psychologist to Wine Specialist: An Interview with Nia Ruth from Few And Far
  3. Breaking Boundaries with Flywines: Stephanie Franklin's Passionate Leap from Tech to Wine
  4. Championing Change: Maryam Ahmed's Revolutionary Approach and Impact in the Wine Industry
  5. Savoring the Success Story of Damsel Cellars with winemaker Mari Womack

“Go to the places where you don’t belong. Because someday you will.”

-Andrea McBride (McBride Sisters)

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