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Women in the wine industry are still a minority but we are up and coming and we are gaining momentum. Women in wine are a force to be reckoned with.

Welcome to Thru The Grapewine, LLC where you will meet women in wine, read the latest wine news, and learn some fun and informative wine basics. Check out the blog or listen to the podcast on Stitcher, itunes, Google Podcast, or Spotify.

Interview with Amy & Reba Day Drinking Tours Thru The Grapewine

Tune into this interview with Amy & Reba and find out who is behind the name and just how much fun you might have going on a wine tour with this great tour company. Amy & and Reba also shared some of their favorite wineries in the Willamette Valley. See links below!Parrett Mountain CellarsMeraviglioso WinerySolena EstateFairsing VineyardAbbey Road FarmPotter's VineyardBellinger EstatesAmy & Reba on InstagramAmy & Reba on FacebookAmy & RebaStudying for your WSET certification (or any other for that matter)? Use Coupon Code THRUTHEGRAPEWINE when you upgrade your free account to a premium account on Brainscape for 15% off!Become a Thru The Grapewine Super Fan by supporting us with a monthly donation of as little as $3! We love and appreciate you!JOIN OUR NEW PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP! (Women only please!)Download your free 30 Day Wine Must Read Guide here!Download our handy dandy free Wine Pairing Quick Guide here!Have a request for a topic? Fill out this form!Find us on Instagram!
  1. Interview with Amy & Reba Day Drinking Tours
  2. A GenXer walks into a winery… and gives a couple of quick updates!
  3. Interview with Heather Ciprani, Personal Chef and Nutritionist
  4. A GenXer and a Millennial walk into a winery… and talk about Queen Victoria
  5. Interview with Jenna White, General Manager of the Dundee Hotel

“Go to the places where you don’t belong. Because someday you will.”

-Andrea McBride (McBride Sisters)

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